DNA/RNA-directed Optimization

Our tailored DNA/RNA optimization services are designed to enhance gene expression, improve safety, and increase efficiency across diverse biological applications.

We specialize in identifying and optimizing DNA elements such as hairpin structures, palindromic sequences, cryptic polyA, and CpG islands, as well as RNA secondary structures and minimum free energy. Additionally, we focus on virus-specific sequences like ITR, LTR, and WPRE, and optimize mRNA elements including UTR and polyA.


The optimized siRNA/shRNA design process adheres to a comprehensive set of standards to ensure the development of highly efficient and specific siRNA/shRNA sequences. These selection creteria have been meticulously designed to optimize siRNA/shRNA functionality and target specificity.

The design report provides all available siRNAs/shRNAs for a specific gene, assigns scores to them based on screening criteria, and analyzes their potential off-target effects.


The optimized guide RNA design process integrates stringent principles to provide you with precise, efficient, and specific gRNA sequences to support your CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing research.

Notably, off-target effects due to continuous base matching at the PAM end have been eliminated.


Generates customized reports for specific miRNAs, selecting from a vast array of options among 181 species and approximately 29,000 miRNAs.

Each generated report is comprehensive, including precursor miRNA details, secondary structure, minimum free energy, and structural diagrams. Furthermore, it covers loop length and sequence, mature miRNA information, predictions of target genes, and relevant BLAST results.

miRNA-based shRNA

Our services focus on miRNA screening for hsa and mmu species, providing 1820 precursors. Customers need to provide target gene and miRNA details. We adjust sequences for optimal secondary structures.

Two mature sequences are generated, with precise off-target prediction in STRICT and LOOSE modes.